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Dianne Blais is a "More Trains, Less Traffic" advocate gathering petition signatures to get on the ballot for U.S. House of Representatives 10th District.
 Dianne Blais, successful green business woman, wife, mother, grandmother. 

Dianne Blais Independent Green Party Youtube video

Rail saves lives.  Rail creates jobs. Rail grows business. Rail increases the value of our homes and businesses.
Independent Green Partys Dianne Blais -"We need More Trains, Less Traffic!  Rail makes money. Rail makes sense!"

Dianne Blais, Independent Green Party candidate and leader, 
"We need to finish Rail to Dulles Airport and beyond to Winchester!"

"Rail grows revenue for our schools, police, and fire departments."

Dianne Blais, Independent Green Party, "Rail increases the value of our homes, businesses, and communities."

Dianne Blais, Indy Green Party, "Rail pays for itself through economic growth. Every dollar invested in Rail creates $21 dollars economic benefit for the community.!"
Dianne Blais, Independent Green Party leader and candidate attending Green Party national convention July 21-24 in St. Paul, Minn.  Join Dianne and the Green Party for positive eco jobs, solutions for the economy. 
Dianne Blais, Independent Green Party leader and candidate.
Dianne Blais, "We need to build the Potomac Yard Metrorail Station!
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Dianne Blais, Independent Green Party, candidate and leader.  "We need light rail around beltway, into our communities. Light Rail to George Mason University." 
Dianne Blais Indy Green Party  "We need need dedicated passenger track for Virginia Rail Express (VRE)!"
Dianne Blais, Independent Green Party leader, and candidate.
We need "More Trains, Less Traffic".  
Dianne Blais, "We need rail Winchester to Washington D.C. Winchester to Bristol. High Speed Maglev rail statewide." 
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Dianne Blais Independent Green Party candidate for congress in Virginia's 10th district.   Dianne Blais wife, mother, grandmother, successful business woman. Ecology for the economy means jobs.  Every dollar invested in rail creates $21 dollars economic benefit. 
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contact: 703-351-1235
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Green Party Green New Deal means jobs - ecology jobs for the economy!

Both Dianne and her husband, Gerard, are the first born of large families. Family is veryimportant to Dianne and Gerard Blais.   Dianne and Gerard Blais raised four children and hosted over 100 foster children and numerous foreign exchange students in a Civil War farm house in Springfield, Va. 
Dianne and Gerard Blais moved to Fairfax in 2002.

Their oldest, Gerard Blais III and his wife had their first child last May.  Dianne and Gerard Blais two daughters, Cynthia and Rose, graduated from the Universityof Virginia. Cynthia founded and runs a zumba clothing business in San Diego,Cal. Rose is an engineer 
at a security firm in McLean and got married on 5/5/12.  Dianne and Gerard Blais younger son, 
James, got out of the army in December and is graduating from college and getting married this year.

Dianne Blais moved to Vienna, Virginia when she was in 8th grade. Dianne Blais graduated from James Madison High School and then attended Mary Washington, U. Va. andVa. Tech, 
earning her BA in economics at 19.
Dianne Blais first job out of college furthered her interest in  politics.  It was a temp job in the U.S. Capitol. She worked with a computer that was "down" a lot.  She used her free time when the computer was down to attend committee hearings on 
both sides of the hill. She could just flash her staff pass and get into The Watergate Hearings.
Dianne Blais became a consultant for the Air Force where she met her husband, Gerard.  Gerard has a math degree from RPI and two masters degrees from George Mason University. Gerard and she were soon parents and when their third child was 
born,Dianne became a full-time mother and started much of her volunteer involvement that has continued to the present day. She joined the American Association of University Women (AAUW) and was soon branch president.
 As a volunteer emergency foster care mother, she interacted with police and social workers. She was a volunteer organist at her church for years. Dianne served in numerous capacities in PTAs including President.  She was a Girl Scout Leader for years.
When her youngest child was three, Dianne became the VP of a small company that installed lightning protection systems. She wrote the contracts and bills at her home which allowed her to continue her volunteer work.
Dianne joined the League of Women Voters in 2000 and the Western Fairfax County Women's Club in 2008.  Dianne was Co-President of Virginia  AAUW from 2008-10.  
Dianne ran for the House of Delegates in the 40th district in 2011 as an independent.  She received over 25% of the vote.

Contact: 703-351-1235  

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